Player Management

At Poker Royalty, it’s all about the players. Our business revolves around exclusively representing the biggest and brightest stars in poker today. We created and pioneered the poker player representation industry back in 2003 based on a simple philosophy that still holds true today: We help our players reach their goals.

Our clients benefit from our experience, professionalism, and unparalleled contacts and relationships within the poker industry. We have established a blueprint that helps maximize a poker player’s earning potential and are constantly creating new and unique ways to boost their profiles and revenues in an ever-changing and developing industry.

Our poker player management services include:

Contract Negotiations – We have completed over 2,000 poker-related agreements. No one understands the market better than Poker Royalty.

Personal Appearances – We work tirelessly to provide our clients with opportunities to supplement their income through corporate appearances, charity engagements, and Made-For-TV poker events.

Instructional Content – We’ve helped our clients produce blogs, books, videos, online poker training websites, and all manner of interactive media to assist them in monetizing their unique poker knowledge.

Player Licensing – From video games to trading cards, from bobble heads to chip sets, we guide our players through every opportunity, ensuring their rights are protected and that they’re obtaining maximum value for use of their image and likeness.

We do the heavy lifting and pursue every opportunity for our clients, which allows them to focus exclusively on their poker play. After weighing the advantages and disadvantages of every business opportunity, we present the details to our clients, who always make the final decision.