Poker Royalty specializes in:

  • Player representation

  • Online poker consulting

  • Marketing, sales & event management

  • Licensing and brand development

  • Appearance requests

Poker Royalty, LLC oversees the career management of the top professional and celebrity poker players, and has been a driving force in making poker players household names since its founding in 2003. We represent the most influential people, brands, and entities that shape the business and direction for poker.

Our team is comprised of experienced deal makers, influencers, lawyers, and agents who understand that a “good deal” only happens when both parties prosper. With multiple thousands of deals under our belts, no one understands market values and the poker landscape better than Poker Royalty.

Our marketing, consulting, and administrative professionals have worked with global international giants such as EBay, Pepsi, HBO, Netflix, and others. We have an intimate knowledge of the poker industry and the goals and objectives of our players and corporate clients.